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Marilyn Katz : Our Bodies, Their Politics

Image from The Raw Story.Our bodies, their politics The last few months have made abundantly clear what women must do: rid America’s capitols of misogynists. By Marilyn Katz / The Rag Blog / April 24, 2012 In the first half … Continue reading

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Freedom of Choice : No Nanny State

The Marlboro Man: The picture of Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller, now an Iraq War vet, raised a stink among anti-smoking activists when it appeared in scores of newspapers in 2004. Photo by Luis Sinco. It does not matter whether … Continue reading

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Bishop Takes Pawn : The Real Meaning of ‘Pro-Life’

U.S. Catholic bishops listening to Pope Benedict XVI. Photo by Alex Wong / Getty Images. The present effort to politicize the church and marginalize pro-choice will drive away more of the flock and quickly shed the intellectual credibility it so … Continue reading

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America is Pro-Choice, Any Questions?

In support of a woman’s right to choose: ‘According to a recent Gallup poll, we are in the majority by a long shot’By DarkSyde / August 23, 2008 Is anyone still unsure where We the People stand on choice? That … Continue reading

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