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Carl Davidson : Why Neoliberals Have Trouble Telling the Truth

Newt on Fox. Image from Keep on Keepin’ On. Media wars and manufacturing consent: Getting people to vote against themselves Why neoliberals have trouble telling the truth. By Carl Davidson / The Rag Blog / August 31, 2011 The Rag … Continue reading

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Budd Saunders : Barack Obama and the Hog:Corn Ratio

Hog:corn ratio. These handsome creatures were headed to market due to high corn prices. Photo by Mark Steil / Minnesota Public Radio.No jake brakes:The Palin shriek, and the hog:corn ratio By Budd Saunders / The Rag Blog / May 16, … Continue reading

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On Adopting China’s Keynesian Economic Policies

John Maynard KeynesThe Triumph of Keynes: China’s Greatest ExportBy Moshe Adler / November 14, 2008 Anyone who is wondering why Chairman Ben Bernanke and Secretary Henry Paulson favor fantastically expensive bailouts of private firms instead of Keynesian policies of direct … Continue reading

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Mike Davis : Can Obama See the Grand Canyon?

‘Like the Grand Canyon’s first explorers, we are looking into an unprecedented abyss of economic and social turmoil that confounds our previous perceptions of historical risk.’By Mike Davis / October 19, 2008 Let me begin, very obliquely, with the Grand … Continue reading

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