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Keith Joseph : Communication on the Left Must Embrace the New Technology

Hawker sells the Revolutionary Woker at a 2003 New York anti-war protest. Photo from asparagirl’s photoblog.Newspaper Hawkers, Websites, and Plans for Revolutionary Organization By Keith Joseph / The Rag Blog / April 20, 2009 One of the great curiosities of … Continue reading

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Obama : A Healthy Use of the Internet

The health-care mobilization taking shape before Obama even takes office will include online videos, blogs and e-mail alerts as well as traditional public forums. Already, several thousand people have posted comments on health on the Obama transition Web site. By … Continue reading

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Netroots Nation Comes to Austin

Netroots Nation director Gina cooper.Progressive politics meets the internetBy Sarah Lai Stirland / June 25, 2008 Gina Cooper is the director of an annual phenomenon now known as Netroots Nation. The four-year-old annual gathering, formerly known as the YearlyKos convention, … Continue reading

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