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Harry Targ : The Destruction of Public Institutions

Image from econoclass.com. One by one: On the road todestroying public institutions In the dystopian society the rich and powerful wish to create there will be education, health care, physical security, and a sustainable and fulfilling quality of life for … Continue reading

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Jordan Flaherty : Post-Katrina New Orleans is a Divided City

In the new New Orleans, privatized, voucher-financed housing, left, has replaced traditional public housing like the deserted Lafitte housing projects on the right. Photo by Gerald Herbert / AP.A divided city:Seven years after Katrina in rebuilding New Orleans, the key … Continue reading

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Richard Raznikov : As Benign as Lucifer

Locked water tap in Kipsaraman, Kenya. Image from oxfam.org.uk.As benign as Lucifer:The privatization of water By Richard Raznikov | The Rag Blog | February 9, 2012 Beginning about 20 years ago, it dawned on the bankers and some major corporations … Continue reading

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