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Mariann Wizard :
Brandon Darby – ‘To Live Outside the Law You Must Be Honest’

If Darby had really been worried people he was working with were planning violence, he could have taken it up with other group members. But that would have required honest discussion. When there is no honesty on one side, discussion … Continue reading

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Tom Hayden on Obama : Transformational President or Another Disappointment?

Screen print from Ray Noland’s (CRO) traveling Obama art show entitled Go Tell Mama!.‘Whether he wins or loses, the vast movement inspired by Obama will become the next generation of American social activists’By Tom Hayden Barack Obama, it is true, … Continue reading

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Geoff Boucher :
Jackson Browne Sues John McCain for Using ‘Running on Empty’ in Ad

‘The McCain campaign has a track record of using music without permission’ By Geoff Boucher | August 14, 2008 Jackson Browne is suing John McCain for using the song “Running on Empty” in a campaign ad — and the veteran … Continue reading

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College Students Choosing Action Over Protest

‘Activism isn’t dead on the nation’s college campuses; it’s just different’By Jeannie Kever / August 10, 2008 The Kent State shootings and other iconic protests of the 1970s are so last century. Student activists now are more likely to run … Continue reading

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