Texans : Living Proof that Evolution’s a Myth?

Cartoon by Stanfill / The Far Left Side.

Thanks to Ted McLaughlin and jobsanger / The Rag Blog

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1 Response to Texans : Living Proof that Evolution’s a Myth?

  1. Nah. It’s just all the dumb ones make the most noise and the smart ones move to Union states.

    I have to go back to the Mid Cities soon, hopefully not in the warm months (most of the year) where the smog from the freeways chokes you and the Dumb emanating from the city leaders of HEB and Arlington, who pledge every election to keep Public Transportation out of the Mid Cities lest they attract Poor Folks. No Shit, that’s their excuse. To be almost fair, they subject their own kids to the smog the same way they do ours. Doesn’t say much though.

    Some of them should take a vow of lifetime celibacy and then keep it.Some of the more extreme cases shouldn’t be allowed to own cars, guns, or have children. Or pets. Or houseplants. They should be given string to amuse themselves.

    Some of them goobers should be kept away from the string.

    You know the nice thing though? Aside from me, of course.

    George W isn’t really a Texan. Neither was John Wayne.

    The bad part is so many Texans believe they were that they voted Bush into office. I saw a tee-shirt for sale in Arlington had Reagan, GW and John Wayne on it and the title “My heroes have always been cowboys”.

    First thing is that they owe Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings (estate) for using their song title.

    Second is that not one of the three was ever a cowboy. Just goes to demonstrate Texas Politics, I suppose.

    It IS possible to attain an education in Texas. Probably not from a private academy but there are still libraries, the internet, public schools and even a couple of bookstores that haven’t been burned down by angry villagers with their pitchforks and torches.

    Public education is still available in most areas, despite the best efforts of Rick GoodHair and his cult.

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