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In October 2005, DRANT posted a couple of pieces about the impact that Western civilization has had and continues to have on earth. They are interesting and worth a read. Thanks to Charlie Loving for finding them for us.

Number 150

October 12, 2005
“Whether one million or 10 million or 100 million died, … the pall of sorrow that engulfed the hemisphere was immeasurable. Languages, prayers, hopes, habits, and dreams­ entire ways of life hissed away like steam. The Spanish and the Portuguese lacked the germ theory of disease and could not explain what was happening (let alone stop it). Nor can we explain it; the ruin was too long ago and too all-encompassing. In the long run, … the consequential finding is not that many people died but that many people once lived. The Americas were filled with a stunningly diverse assortment of peoples who had knocked about the continents for millennia…”
Elizabeth Fenn, cited in 1491- An article by CHARLES MANN in The Atlantic of March 2002

This article, and Mann’s new book provided much of the data contained in the following. Pls see below for more information and links. Brilliant stuff.
To honor Columbus Day, let us pause for a short moment of appropriate reverence to recall the Wondrous Gifts we White People have — in our bottomless generosity – bestowed and continue to bestow on uncountable Godless Savages throughout history.

First among these surely is Wondrous Gift #1- the gift of immeasurable Human Arrogance.
The notion that Humans are the last, ultimate, and unimprovable final step in Evolution.
That Humans have been granted Dominion over The Earth and all of its beings and creations and inhabitants.
That every Thing on earth is Human property, and belongs to Humans to do with as they wish.

In 1491, few Americans had imagined this.
In 1491, most Americans (not all, but most), largely shared the notion that all of Earth’s beings co-existed, each with a place in the Universe, each infused with the timeless Spirit of our Creation.
In 1491, most Americans had no idea that anything on Earth could actually be owned, or that any parcel of Earth could be claimed as exclusive personal property.
Well what can one expect from half naked Heathens?

Read it here. The pair of articles continues with this article, titled “White Man”.

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