The Exciting Baghdad Night Life

A cigarette could really kill you in Iraq!

I tried to leave the hotel at night to buy some cigarettes, when one of the hotel security guys took me a side and asked me where I was going?

I told him that I was going to buy some cigarettes from the corner shop, he smiled and said “No go back.” I found that strange and asked him why?

He said “believe me and go back” I questioned him again?, he then informed me that there was some thing fishy going on out side, and that there were three cars driving back and forth in front of the hotel, the guard told me that they had stopped the car and asked them what they were doing in the neighborhood?”

(Because after dark you don’t find cars driving because of the security situation and only militia forces will move around looking for random Sunni targets)

They told him that they are looking for some one called Omar!!

Guess what my name is?


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