The Forgotten War: Bringing Only More Despair

A huge explosion in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on Tuesday left mounds of rubble. At least 41 people were known dead. Photo: Allauddin Khan/Associated Press.

Bombing Deepens Despair in a Stricken Afghan City
By Taimoor Shah / August 26, 2009

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — This city is no stranger to bombings. There have been many here over the years of war. But the one on Tuesday night — the deadliest — may have done more than any other to deepen Kandahar’s sense of isolation and tip its people into despair that someone, anyone, has the power to halt the mayhem that surrounds them.

Source / New York Times

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8 Responses to The Forgotten War: Bringing Only More Despair

  1. masterspork says:

    So what does article do? I mean I do not think that you will have a hard time finding people that will agree that Afghanistan is facing many problems.

    But there seems to be so effort to find a solution that will help the people there excpt to.

    …to gather one day and use all power against the Afghan people and kill us in one go,”

    If not, what is it?

  2. richard jehn says:

    I guess my question would be, “Do you think this would have happened without US interference in this nation?” One thing is clear: it was not happening prior to October 2001, at least for some number of years.

  3. masterspork says:

    There was violence there because the Warlord where there along with the Taliban. Not to mention that Al Qaeda was exporting it around the world. Plus the harsh treatment of the local population. So we did not start this.

    Also Al Qaeda made attempt on the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia.

  4. richard jehn says:

    It is tragic that American socialization causes so many people to believe in things that are directly contrary to their own self-interest. You believe that we have nothing to do with the violence in Afghanistan. You are wrong.

    I am still mystified why you are reading this blog. You will remain unenlightened to your dying day. Why don’t you stick to the writers with whom you agree?

  5. masterspork says:

    So we gave marching orders to Soviet Russia to go to Afghanistan? I guess it must have missed that due to all of that ‘American socialization’. I know your going to refer to the aide we gave to the different Warlords in Afghanistan when the Russians attacked. But given the fact that things can and are better off with the Taliban gone, shows that out effects can work. Now we need to deal with the warlords and coruption that comes along with them. But I promise you that nothing good will happen there if we where to leave it. I would be willing to bet that the second that we left you would be decrying it as how we do not care for anyone who is not American. That is if Afghanistan does not become completely forgotten in favor of the health care debate.

    Because I think that there are many things that are being said over hear that are wrong and should be challenged. Also regardless of the subject there is no real point in having a discussion on topics if all you are expecting is people to just agree with you.

    I follow other blogs on the topic of Afghanistan as well.

  6. Richard says:

    Afganis are not “better off with the Taliban gone” In the first place the Taliban are not gone, in the second place daily murder of Afgani citizens did not take place before the U.S. Army and their mercenary henchmen arrived.

  7. masterspork says:

    I understand that the Taliban is not fully defeated, but they are not fulling in control ether. I would be willing to bet that they are grateful that they are gone. Considering all the warlords and the violence that went unrecorded there should also play into it.

    Plus we are not the ones bombing civilian targets intentionally and using civilians as human shields. When such happens we look into it to see what went wrong.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well if you were earning money for the number of comments, I’d say Masterspork has been instrumental in increased debate and commentary traffic.

    It’s good to read web-sites and blogs that we don’t agree with, just so we can get a new opinion and angle on a topic.

    There’s always something to be learned.

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