The Iraq War Timeline

Just know that something related to the Iraq war happened, by can’t put a finger on when? Think there might have been an event, but need corroboration? Mother Jones has come up with something very useful, the Iraq War Timeline. We get the impression it’s still under construction, but it already has a wealth of information available. They say this about it tonight:

Lie by Lie: The Mother Jones Iraq War Timeline (8/1/90 – 6/21/03)

In this timeline, we’ve assembled the history of the Iraq War to create a resource we hope will help resolve open questions of the Bush era. What did our leaders know and when did they know it? And, perhaps just as important, what red flags did we miss, and how could we have missed them? This is the second installment of the timeline, with a focus on how the war was lost in the first 100 days.

Access this database tool here.

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