The New NATO

North Atlantic TRADE Organization, that is.

EU/US Merger: New Global Order By Stealth
By Steve Watson

Few notice huge shift towards globalization as frothing masses distracted by climate change debate

05/06/07 “Infowars” — – In a sweeping move that has garnered surprisingly little attention this week the United States and the European Union have signed up to a new transatlantic economic partnership that will see regulatory standards “harmonized” and will lay the basis for a merging of the US and EU into one single market, a huge step on the path to a new globalized world order.

The BBC reported from the Summit in Washington on Monday:

“economic council” to push ahead with regulatory convergence in nearly 40 areas, including intellectual property, financial services, business takeovers and the motor industry.

Skipping over what the fall out from a single Western market will be, the BBC simply announced “The aim is to increase trade and lower costs.” before moving swiftly on to analyse what this means in terms of global warming.

While the masses are being whipped up into a never ending frenzy over climate change at every given opportunity, hardcore political actions that will affect the lives of everyone on the planet in the here and now are being skated over with little or no attention being paid to them.

The proponents and architects of a one world order have worked long and hard behind the scenes for a long time pushing a gradual erosion of national sovereignty via a harmonization of all areas of life, economic, social, cultural and environmental.

Such harmonization and elimination of diversity is the only way to maximize the profit of the few at the expense of the many, while maintaining tight controls over society as a whole in order for a long continuation of that status quo.

The global corporate elite are the only ones who will benefit from essentially wiping out the free market and eliminating economic competition across nations.

The EU has long been used as a tool for such harmonizing globalization and has now reached the point at which it has become a supranational federal government for Europe. Over the years, what was originally sold as a simple free trade treaty has slowly been built from the bottom up into an all encompassing monolithic authority over the entire region.

The areas it now seeks to dominate also include public health, social policy, transport, justice, agriculture, fisheries, energy, economic and social cohesion, the environment, internal and external trade, and consumer protection.

It has recently been highlighted that European globalists such as Britain’s Tony Blair and Germany’s Angela Merkel are seeking to implement by stealth areas of the EU constitution regardless of its blanket rejection by voters. Senior British Cabinet sources have warned that they are also pushing hard for Brussels to be given a full-time unelected president, who would serve a five year term and speak as the voice of Europe on the world stage.

It is commonly accepted that reforms to strengthen the European Parliament, scheduled to be implemented before 2009, could undermine the ability of member states to opt out of EU laws, as Britain does at present, effectively ending national sovereignty.

In their important history of the EU, The Great Deception, British authors Christopher Booker and Richard North, concluded that the 27 member nations now entangled in the union have ceded their sovereignty in a carefully planned stealth operation. They grudgingly credit european globalists with accomplishing “a slow-motion coup d’etat: the most spectacular coup d’etat in history.”

The authors of The Great Deception summarized the effect of the Treaty of Rome: “Thus did the central deception of the whole story become established. From now on, the real agenda, political integration, was to be deliberately concealed under the guise of economic integration. Building Europe was to be presented as a matter of trade and jobs.”

In addition dissidents and outcasts such as Vladimir Bukovksy have warned that an elite plan has long existed whereby the EU would be hijacked and transformed into a Soviet style Socialist superstate that would eliminate the individual nation state’s power and create a governing body with no accountability or direct representation.

In 2003 the BBC uncovered incredible archived documents which confirmed that both the EU and its single currency, the Euro, were the brainchild of the secretive Bilderberg Group. Some 50 years BEFORE the implementation of the European single currency, Bilderberg, now infamous as the secret elite hand behind world events, had drawn up the plans.

Read it here.

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