The New World Order

We’ll be saying more about this in the coming days. “New World Order” is an old catch-phrase that is coming to have a deeply sinister meaning as the neocons unfold its reality.

National ID card linked to the ‘super slab’
Published on Wednesday, January 10, 2007.
Source: Chronicle Online

Now that portions of the secret information regarding the “Security and Prosperity Agreement Partnership” (aka the NAFTA super highway) is gradually getting out to more and more Americans, it raises even more questions how this all will turn out, especially if Americans don’t wake up to what is going on in our government.

I have had several readers contact me asking for more details on what they have recently learned, both by telephone and letter, and they didn’t have to twist my arm to continue giving additional information. An observation in the question of why President Bush has fought tooth and nail to keep from ever building a border fence between Mexico and the United States is because he’s giving us instead a secret highway that crosses an eliminated former U.S. border n this does away with any so-called “illegal immigrants” to worry about. It just facilitates the clear invasion of America by illegal aliens and the massive importation of Chinese goods into Mexican ports and then through America to Canada.

Think of all the American farms and communities that will be destroyed by eminent domain to make room for the “super slab.” Thousands of American jobs would be lost by our truckers and longshoremen, for example, in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California who average making $140,000 a year, plus factory workers.

What illegal goods such as drugs, guns, foodstuffs, etc., will be sent through America with only a Mexican inspection on sovereign Mexican territory in Kansas City. How many terrorists will use this easy entry into America?

It’s all called pushing the New World Order to arrive at a form of government modeled after the European Union.

Did you notice that during our recent election, stopping terrorism, illegal immigration, the dangers presented by this NAFTA highway were not even mentioned? Does Congress even care if our nation is destroyed? They were on notice due to U.S. Representative Virgil H. Goode’s (R-Va.) filing House Concurrent Resolution 487 that had a grand total of only three co-sponsors. That tells you a lot in itself.

Even the Vatican is against building a fence or wall between our country and Mexico. Cardinal Renato Martino, speaking at a Rome news conference, also spoke out against the fence Israel is building to stop infiltration of suicide bombers and of the fence Saudi Arabia has approved for their border to stem the flow of militants coming from Iraq. The Pope’s message called for additional laws to aid the smooth integration of immigrants into their new countries of residency.

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