The Nuclear Club Double Standard

The Nuclear Paradox
By Elson Concepcion Perez
Jan 5, 2007, 01:39

It is more than a paradox. The United States, the world’s leading military power and the only country to use the atom bomb against humans, is leading the pressure against Iran for its efforts to develop a nuclear energy program for peaceful ends.

The crusade has reached the point that the UN Security Council recently passed sanctions against Iran for exercising its right to use this energy source to meet its development needs.

The paradox is even more apparent when Washington remains silent, like its European partners, about the nuclear weapons arsenal of Israel, its strategic Middle Eastern ally and spearhead of US expansionist and militarist policies in the region, with oil as the top priority.

To guarantee its aims, the White House needs Israel and its nuclear arms and also requires, and to no less a degree, the stopping of other country’s development plans that could consolidate the growth of nuclear science and technology for peaceful ends, such as the program carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The paradox also applies to the Palestinian issue and explains why Israel has had free reign to massacre and invade under the indifferent and conspiratorial eye of the US, which provides it with sophisticated weapons while the UN and the international community have made endless calls and resolutions that amount to nothing.

In this context, Israel is steeping up its policy of terror and death against the Palestinians by adding the diplomatic disguise and the manipulation of the media to “help the Europeans understand” the importance of condemning Iran and, as ordered by Bush, trying to impede that country from carrying out its plans to develop nuclear
energy for peaceful ends.


In a recent tour of Germany and Italy, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert admitted for the first time, in an apparent slip up, that Israel has nuclear weapons. However, the West didn’t appear to notice and the UN Security Council didn’t bother to even debate the issue.

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