The Phony "War on Terror"

Democrat “Political Upheavals” Mean More of the Same
Published on Tuesday, November 21, 2006.

I will be 84, come the end of the “war on terror.”

“There is every prospect of the ‘war on terror’ extending for 30 years or more,” declares a report released by the Oxford Research Group, an independent think tank in Britain. “What is required is a complete re-assessment of current policies but that is highly unlikely, even with the recent political upheavals.”

Professor Paul Rogers, who authored the report and is associated with the oldest university in the English-speaking world, believes “recent political upheavals,” i.e., the Democrat victory in Congress, will not change the course of events. Democrats are not about to engage in a “complete re-assessment of current policies,” but rather continue them, as there is little difference between Democrats and Republicans when you turn them upside down.

“Most people believe that the recent elections mark the beginning of the end of the Bush era but that does not apply to the war on terror,” writes Rogers. “In reality there will be little change until the United States faces up to the need for a fundamental re-think of its policies.”

I’m afraid the economy will need crash, the world community will turn against the United States, its people reduced to the sort of penury and humiliation suffered by the Germans at the midpoint of the last century before a “re-think” occurs.

Both Democrats and Republicans are on schedule with the “clash of civilizations,” although they differ only slightly in style, not substance.

Democrats have gone out of their way to dismiss the large and growing antiwar faction of their party. Democrats do not consider George Bush and his camarilla of neocon fascists war criminals. Democrats will not impeach Bush. Democrats are traitors to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as they will not repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, or put an end to the high-tech surveillance state. Democrats are soft and fuzzy Republicans. Democrats want to raise the minimum wage, allow stem-cell research, and protect the “right” to abortion (there are no rights beyond those enumerated in the Constitution), but when it comes to the phony “war on terrorism,” they are indistinguishable from Republicans.

Read the rest of the article here. To buy the full Oxford report or for further information about the Oxford Research Group, click here.

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