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ELECTIONS | Here’s the latest on voting by mail and in person

The following statement comes from the Austin Chapter of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans (TARA):

If you mailed in your application to vote by mail and you are concerned that you haven’t received your ballot yet, you can call your County Clerk’s office and find out if your ballot has already been mailed. The application deadline is July 2nd, so they will be mailing out ballots continually for the next several days. The requests to vote by mail in Texas increased by over 1000% just for the runoff on July 14. Your County Clerks and their staffs are working overtime to handle the huge influx of mail-in ballot requests.

Wondering if you can still vote in person? Absolutely! Take your ID and mail-in ballot with you, as you will be required to surrender the ballot at the same time. If you haven’t received your ballot and just don’t want to wait for it, you will be given a provisional ballot which will be counted after July 14, election day, so they can confirm that your mail-in ballot wasn’t used.

Early voting will continue through July 10. Polls are closed on July 3rd and 4th, open on Sunday, July 5th from 12–6. Election day is July 14th. Your ballot should be in the mail by July 9th at the latest to ensure its receipt no later than the close of business on election day.

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ELECTIONS | Here’s the latest on voting by mail and in person

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