The Right Wing Vision of the Future

I received this unsolicited from someone identified as Linda Hunnicutt. I thought it suitable to share because it is such a fear-filled (and racist) image that the right insists on painting. Some of the statements are truly remarkable.

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Buddy’s Brother

Forget about Conservatism vs Liberalism and look at some historically verifiable facts.

If the Conservative states seceded, there would be about 20 Liberal states and 30 Conservative states.

The Liberal states would comprise a half million square miles, and Conservative states would comprise two and a half million.

Their murder rate per 100,000 would be 13.2, and ours would be 2.1.

To pay taxes, their workers would have to work five months per year, and ours would have to work two.

Their industries would be over-taxed and over-regulated and ours would thrive.

Their public schools would indoctrinate, and ours would educate.

Their disruptive students would get counseled, and ours would get spanked.

Their murderers would get free room and board, and ours would get executed.

They’d welcome illegal aliens, and we’d deport them.

Their military would grow weak, and ours would grow strong.

They’d be energy-DEpendent, and we’d be energy INdependent.

History has shown us that the above would almost surely happen.

The following would PROBABLY happen. Most of their married mothers would have to work, and ours could stay home and raise children.

Their towns would have lots of pawn shops and porn shops, and ours would have lots of thriving businesses and churches.

They’d have mosques full of subversives, and we’d have churches full of patriots.

Their citizens would not have guns, and ours would. (Yamamoto, after Pearl Harbor, said, “You cannot invade America. There would be a gun behind every blade of grass.”)


Let the Liberals have their states and people that want a nanny state completely controlled can move to those states. Give us our Freedom and let us regain our self respect and live by the rules set forth in the Constitution.

Source / Freedom Is Not Dead

The Rag Blog

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6 Responses to The Right Wing Vision of the Future

  1. Words seem inadequate to address this diatribe of delusion. IF this scenario actually DID ever play out, I suppose I would have to either join “the resistance” or move to a blue state. And I am too old and tired to move. Resistance may just give me new life!

  2. MiGrant says:

    Just look how well secession worked out last time! :-/

  3. Anonymous says:

    Linda Hunnicutt is also known as the Granny Warrior. She been sending out unsolicited email for years scamming people out of their hard earned money with scare tactics or sob stories. This is the latest in an attempt to get 6000.00. In the scam a month ago, she was, and still is, leasing bug out property in a barren Texas town…. sight unseen and she refuses to send documentation of the lease after the money is sent.

  4. The lettering on the “tombstone” is from a moldy-oldie email attachment that went around five or more years ago where you could type in and save out what ever you wanted the “tombstone” to have on it.
    Amazing that all these years later the whacko-hater racist doom-sayer wingnuts are using this to continue their sad madness.

  5. Who is the ‘we’, and who are the ‘they’??? I think I figured it out, but it’s not 100% clear. Interesting article indeed! Good to see BAS is still posting……

  6. JoJo says:

    …..copyright 1863.

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