The Severe Price of Globalization and Free Trade

Do you wear Hanes underwear?
By Buck Batard / November 29, 2008

Before you buy another pair of Hanes underwear, perhaps it would be helpful to learn what 11 year old Halima does in one of the factories that makes Hanes underwear. This is the price of globalization. The next time you need to buy underwear, remember this video.

Maybe we men should just follow an old trend from the feminist movement of the 1960s and go underwearless until these factories clean up their act and pay fair wages and eliminate child labor from their factories. It’s time to liberate these children and time to liberate the CEO’s and executives from their jobs at the companies responsible for allowing these types of brutal labor conditions that were largely eliminated in this country one hundred years ago by decent and honorable men who have largely disappeared from American corporate management. They all aim for low cost and will stop at nothing to get it.

And Wal-Mart is likewise responsible since they are likely the largest seller of this product in America and are continually calling on their producers to cut prices. I suppose if it means abusing children to accomplish that goal, the evil people in Bentonville, Arkansas are oblivious to the problem. I’m boycotting both companies. Won’t you join me?

There are many more videos on YouTube revealing child abuse in factories producing products used in this country and I’ll be putting many more of them up in the months ahead. Our wanted for child abuse posters should include CEO’s and executives who have allowed these conditions to exist and we need to plaster them all over the neighborhoods in which these ogres live.

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