The Troops Are Standing Up In Opposition

“A Growing Number Of Active-Duty Service Members Are Expressing Their Opposition To The Occupation Of Iraq”
From: Liam Madden
To: GI Special
Sent: November 01, 2006

By Liam Madden, Sergeant USMC

Recently it has come to light that a growing number of active-duty service members are expressing their opposition to the occupation of Iraq.

The main vehicle of this effort has been the appeal for redress, a web site that provides service members a confidential and legal means of communicating their concerns to members of congress.

Throughout the several interviews I have done with various media outlets, a few valid questions have been raised.

“When is it okay for service members to vocally oppose a war? If the troops opposed every conflict we engaged in, then it could seriously undermine the military’s effectiveness.” And “How and why should I help?”

The first question is a legitimate concern for both civilian and military persons interested but not entirely sold on the appeal for redress. Certainly military personnel can’t oppose any conflict for any reason. If we did, the unit cohesion and discipline that makes us so effective would be diminished.

However, there are circumstances which justify and even morally obligate service members to oppose a government policy.

I believe that the criteria for military personnel’s opposition to the Iraq occupation and the rationale that makes our grievance justified are the following:

1) The shifting reasons we initially invaded Iraq. First the claim of WMD’s and then the imaginary links to Al Qaeda, how long can either the incompetence of our policy makers, or possibly worse, their deceit be tolerated?

When will we decide to do what we do best, stand up and defend our principles?

2) The human cost.

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