They’re Not Sticking !!!

Cartoon by Charlie Loving / The Rag Blog

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3 Responses to They’re Not Sticking !!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You got it! Instead of thinking we get into “ism” ‘s perhaps the current process of the state or the people in it.
    So cartoon us an escape Charlie, a move from “ism”. Not “escapism” please.

  2. Maybe it’s because they haven’t found a new ‘ism’ to use….

    “Ism we all sick and tired of reading about economic concepts and social structuring”????

    “Ism we fed up with the experts who know that an expert is just a drip going steady”?????

    I shall dream about ism’s and lollipops…..

  3. Mariann says:

    I love this ‘toon; it reminds me of my favorite Little Golden Book when I was a kid — “The Color Kittens”. They get so excited that they knock all of their paint buckets over accidentally and make a big brown mess… O Brush! O Hush What have y’all been up to now?????

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