Thom Woodruff :
VERSE | Enchanted Rock: Native American Heritage

Roadrunner. Image by timeflies1955 / Pixabay.

Enchanted Rock
Native American Heritage

So he sat on Enchanted Rock with me
and played his flute – gently, slowly…
Heat and the rock and the green of the day
made the slow flight of turkey vultures hold sway
We sat until time stopped. Then saw the stillness change.
A thin roadrunner stretched her feet towards his flute,
coming as close as any wild creature may. He continued to play.
It seemed that thin bird leaped a little, moving to the motion
of the winged flute, and her dance as natural as the sky
We smiled, and watched, as that roadrunner strutted by
Amused, bemused and never knowing why
A flute and four eyes could conjure up fauna
to be so attracted as to dance on by.

Thom Woodruff

[Austin poet Thom Woodruff (Thom the World Poet) was named State of Texas Beat Poet Laureate, 2020-2022, by the National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc.]

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VERSE | Enchanted Rock: Native American Heritage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thom the World Poet is the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans troubadour, opening meetings with the spoken word. Here’s my Haiku for him:
    Thom the World Poet / Prolific at observing / Natural moments. –Alice

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