Tony’s Guitar Sings This Sunday

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Django’s Moustache if you haven’t yet met them. They’re an Austin band and play around town from time to time. I’d hoped that Tony Airoldi would write something for me to go with this tune, but he’s a busy boy. If he does get something to me, I’ll post it. They did grant permission for us to post one of their songs, and that counts for a great deal.

I’ve known Tony for almost 40 years, and we seem to reconnect periodically, despite the turns our lives have taken. I remember first hearing him when he played with the Zig Zag String Quartet in the 1960’s. His guitar playing now is absolutely awesome. Enjoy this beautiful tune he’s written. rdj

Tarantas Performed by Django’s Moustache

Here is their Web site – Django’s Moustache. They also have a MySpace presence here. Please visit their Web sites and listen to their music, buy their CD, and learn about where they’ll be playing next.

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