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While we’re looking to the Mideast, there’s a new uprising going on down South, with so far, a few disappearances, one assasination, and lots of excited and so far, successful folks taking over parts of the government.

I’ve been getting news via someone I don’t know who’s sent out info from there for quite a while. He recommends The OSAG website is at


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I subscribed today, and will monitor it, but if you want your own, then you can also do that. I hesitate to forward things to you.

Another recommended source of info (which may duplicate the OSAG) www.narconews.com

It would be good to keep an eye on this.



In addition to the continued unrest in Mexico City over the outcome of the election, very serious events are occuring in Oaxaca.

This article sums them up. (I know I said I wouldn’t forward much to you on this, but this summary and update covers the multiple info I’ve been getting.)

This is important–Mexico may be in an increasingly precarious situation. And it’s a lot closer than…(insert favorite trouble spot here).

Paz — Val Liveoak

Today Friday at 3:00 is a memorial service in the zocalo. This is the article that I posted to narconews, but it’s not up yet, so I hope you won’t think I’m self-promoting if I send it around. I have no photos, if any of you want to contribute (they don’t pay) to narconews the address is webmaster@naconews.com and you can just say the photos are to accompany the article by Nancy

August 10, 2006

Nancy Davies

The government of Oaxaca has advised the public that it will arrest all the leaders of the Asamblea Popular of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) to “guarantee the safety” of the state, the Secretary of Public Security Lino Celaya Luria said yesterday.

This clarifies the sudden rash of plainclothes operators snatching men off the streets. That’s what they mean by “arrests”.

Celaya indicated that the government has identified sixteen leaders of social organizations who, along with leaders of Section 22 of the teachers union, have directed the complete blockade of government buildings and the taking of highways and public offices of the State of Oaxaca.

The Attorney of the State has begun to implement the ruling by issuing fifty previous warrants based on past crimes. Lizbeth Caña Cadeza, the State Attorney, said that the “leaders” of APPO are among those fifty names. The charges are based on both actual “crimes” and the intellectual authoring of those crimes, both common and federal.

One hour after this statement, state police intercepted the founder of the Union of Poor Campesinos, Germán Mendoza Nube, who is a member of the directing committee of APPO. Along with him they picked up Eliel Vásquez and Leobardo López who were assisting Mendoza to leave his car because he uses a wheel chair and is unable to walk. APPO immediately called for a blockade on every road out of town, to prevent the transportation Mendoza out of the state. The three snatched men have not yet been found. In addition, three others disappeared. They are teachers who set out looking for German Mendoza, and never returned. They have been identified by name, and the people asked to keep a lookout.

The wife of Leobardo Lopez reported on Channel 9 Wednesday night, August 9, that she was shoved to the ground with her baby in her arms when the police carried out the “arrest”. She said that her husband was not affiliated with APPO but just happened to be helping Mendoza at that moment. The police were in civilian clothes and did not offer any reason or warrant when they hefted Mendoza into their vehicle and drove away.

In all these kidnappings the vehicles are without license plates.

August 8, presumably before the warrants were issued, Catarino Torres Pereda, a leader of the indigenous rights group CODECI was “arrested” in Tuxtepec and secretly driven to the state of Mexico and imprisoned there, in the maximum security prison La Palma. The charges against Torres Pereda were common crimes, leaving unexplained why he had to be transported out of state to a maximum security prison.

Seven state governors of the PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) back Oaxaca governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz in his efforts to recapture control of the state, although it was not explained by the source of this information, the national newspaper Reforma, published on August 10, what the nature of their backing might be. The governors issued a statement reported as, “We can not permit that the state of law be damaged with impunity and that a person democratically elected, by processes validated by the electoral authorities and public opinion, be subject to unreasonable pressure or intolerance.” The PRI-ruled states named in the report are Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Colima, Oaxaca, Mexico, Durango, Chihuahua, and Hidalgo. Their statement was endorsed by the secretary general of the PRI, Rosario Green.

Meanwhile, members of APPO detained three of the five presumed thugs who infiltrated the movement to gain access to Radio Universidad which had been broadcasting on behalf of APPO. Speaking for APPO, Rosendo Ramirez Sánchez identified by name the three who were captured and turned over to the Red Cross. One was wounded on the head.

The Rector of the Autonomous University Benito Juarez of Oaxaca, Francisco Martinez Neri, said that the university has no connection to APPO, that the radio station was captured by students, and he has lodged a complaint with the Secretary of Communications and Transports. The radio station was damaged when the accused, (Carlos Alberto Paz Vazquez, Salvador Jimenez Baltasar and Rene Vazquez Castillejos), along with two accomplices who set afire a bus outside the station as a diversionarytactic, entered the station and threw corrosive acid on the equipment.

At 7:15 in the morning of August 8, two individuals, one of them reportedly armed with an Uzi, assaulted the offices of Las Noticias, which has supported the APPO. The assailants shot at the ceiling. Some 60 people were present in the offices on Independencia Street where Noticias relocated after an attack on their previous building two yeas ago by the former PRI governor Murat. The attackers stole a laptop and a registration notebook, but they didn’t take the money from the cash box.

Six people were injured by falling pieces of ceiling and lights.

On this same day, an instructor of dentistry at the university was shot and killed in his car.

The Las Noticias (August 9) headline proclaims, “URO Operating Undercover Terrorist Plan.” No shit, guys.

APPO, for its part, called on the federal government to “stop the wave of terror against civil leaders, and not permit their transport to the maximum security prison.” APPO directly accuses Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO); the Secretary of Government, Heliodoro Díaz Escárraga; his predecessor, Jorge Franco Vargas, and the Secretary of Public Security, Lino Celaya Luría. APPO calls them “intellectual authors of this against constitutional rights.”

Then, Radio Cacerolas reported early today, August 10, that three indigenous Triqui members of MULTI (Movimiento Unificador de Lucha Triqui Independiente) were shot near Putla last night. The radio reported that the Triquis, who belong to both MULTI and APPO were on their way to a meeting. They were killed by unknown shooters in an ambush on the highway 125 Putla de Guerrero-Santiago Juxtlahuaca, in the Mixteca region. Andrés Santiago Cruz, one of the victims, was a municipal agent of the community of Paraje Pérez, part of Santiago Juxtlahuaca, and a member of the commission for vigilance and safety of the APPO in the zoccalo encampment. The two other victims were Pedro Martínez Martínez, 70 years old, a MULTI leader in Paraje Pérez, and a boy with them, Octavio Martínez Martínez, age 12 years old.

Jorge Albino Ortiz, director of MULTI and a member of the provisional committee of APPO, said that his companions were traveling on route to Paraje Pérez, when at about 1:00 they were attacked. Brothers Ignacio and Agustín Martínez Velásquez were wounded and taken to the Hospital for Women and Children, in Putla de Guerrero, where they were treated.

Thursday, a march of about 20,000 (this number consisted mainly of the general public because many teachers remaining in the blockades) set out at 4:00 PM in repudiation of URO’s actions. In the neighborhood of Ex.Marquesado three people were shot by unknown persons along the way. The victims were taken to the nearby Santa Maria Clinic. One of the three died of his wounds.

An APPO spokesperson on Radio Cacerolas at 9:00 PM said in part, “The march was to reply to Ruiz and the media and Fox and all the branches of government with a show of strength in the face of the detention of German Mendoza and his companions, and also to the detention of Catarino Torres, and to reply to the assassination of three MULTI companions including one twelve years old… The face of Ruiz was the face of these events and the stupid declarations of the Secretary Celaya Luria regarding the leaders of the movement. This movement does not have leaders, it is built on the bases…Today the mobilization showed the strength of the people. APPO has ability to mobilize because it has lifted the hopes of the people. What produces rage in Ulises is that we are now building the bases, and transmitting the voice of the people…The solidarity of the people is the way to save this movement. Nobody else will do it for us… Repression and fascism can not continue. Fortalice the encampments, Everybody from all the neighborhoods come…”

The whereabouts of 500 agents of the Federal Preventive Police (PFP) is unknown.

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