VERSE / Larry Piltz : A Poem of Judicial Atrocity

Corporate zombie. Photo by Ian MacLellan / MacLellan Images.

The Sniff Test
[A poem of judicial atrocity]

The corporate zombie creature
raises a misshapen nostril
out of the feudal muck,
smells air sweet enough to foul
and emerges uncontrite,
lunging onto stolid ground
the mud beneath it splattering,
on a day to be remembered
as belonging to the living dead;
the monstrous titan behemoth
is extinct no more,
its natural enemies,
the living, the free, you, me,
assigned to take its place exiled
in the stifling underground.

December 2000.
January 2010.
A locust cycle.
A plague of robes.
Fascio-Judicial Robespierres,
contorted Terror from within.
A heroic ninety-page dissent
enables a shrewd new
underground railroad
of organized outrage
and wholly natural
resistance in kind.
Justice in kind.
A corporeal response
from a body politic
with 2020 vision.
The gloves are off.

Larry Piltz / The Rag Blog

Indian Cove
Austin, Texas
January 21, 2010

The Rag Blog

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