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“A Marriage Proposal.” Wood engraving by Barnard from an 1877 issue of The Illustrated London News /

From God’s Lips to Yours Happy New Year!

At the calendar’s turn past choice becomes clear
as our marriage strolls into its fourteenth year
that decision writ large wove a soft comfy throw
built a nimbly steered barge with its speed set at slow
with potential adversity more than offset
by inspired hilarities no doubt we’ll have met
two idiosyncrasies set into stone
two radio frequencies sharing a bone
with two sets of families times two sets of friends
the occasional frenzy the holiday binge
the surfacing urges the personal dirges
skirting disasters and nursing the singe

It’s someone to listen with two half-cocked ears
tears of anguish that glisten while craving some beers
the freedom of knowing our bread’s always buttered
the solace each night of our bed partner’s mutter
It’s old faithful the geyser of love and respect
with a pool of concern if one just might defect
It’s years of the same-old flow of life
that waters the hearts of each husband each wife
all deserve the chance of sharing this bliss
and to know it’s street-legal to publicly kiss
in a world whose bright days are meant for all
Now good luck with whom you entangle enthrall

Either way it’s expressive impulsive to care
a bit obsessive-compulsive this permanent share
a boon heart condition this terminal rendition
with pretenses that drop when you’re out of ammunition
My disarming life is a moveable truce
a surrender to hope a set table a deuce
All who want it should be so blessedly mixed
to grow to enjoy that they’re neutered and fixed
Though I joke and laugh I know that I’m blessed
as we learn and evolve and transform this fine mess
I wouldn’t trade even a moment since my wedding
not even the sorrows nor for the hair I’ve been shedding
and certainly not the devotion of wedlock
especially through times of marital gridlock
For what is one egg compared to a basket’s
Yes thank you I’m wedded till forced to my casket

Marriage is kindness stretched to infinity
with the marks to prove it just an amenity
no matter for whom you have an affinity
Your love is your personal God-given identity

Larry Piltz / The Rag Blog

Indian Cove
Austin, Texas
December 28, 2009

Dad and Jean in Omaha at the 2009 College World Series.

The Rag Blog

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  1. Anonymous says:

    An act of grace for Grace – she’s a lucky woman…

  2. Lovely poem; lovely photo’……

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