VERSE / Margery Parsons : Surfing in Gaza

Surfer in Gaza. Image from Common Dreams.

Surfing in Gaza

The children of Gaza
packed in camps
like anchovies in tin
go down to the beach
to swim, and to surf.
There is nothing timid about the way they take the waves
on their boards
home-made with scraps and stuff
and candlewax
because surfboard wax
like a million other dangerous things
can’t get in
to Gaza.
They struggle to stand up
fierce and brave
tasting a bit of freedom
with the salt spray.
Their faces turned towards the sun
and their proud bodies jeweled with water say
despite the guns, the bombs, the shelling
every night and day,
we are human
we are unbeaten.

Margery Parsons
The Rag Blog
November 2012

[Margery Parsons has been writing poetry since she was nine years old and has been a revolutionary since the 60s. She is a proud mom and a serious music lover who works in the arts.]

The Rag Blog

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