VERSE / Mariann G. Wizard : The Real Dragon (for Marilyn Buck)

People who come out of prison can build up the country.
Misfortune is a test of people’s fidelity.
Those who protest at injustice are people of true merit.
When the prison-doors are opened, the real dragon will fly out.

Ho Chi Minh, Prison Diary

The Real Dragon
for Marilyn Buck

I dreamed you came out ~
Young dragon, hit by unspeakable change
So long ago;
Fallout from bombs you never saw,
Hidden away in darkness, growing, glowing,
With a heart of fire.

I dreamed you came out ~
And swam across the ocean
And hatched your eggs at last
In the abandoned chambers of dreams
And named them Peace,
And Justice,
And Honor,
Joy and Brother;
Sister and Love;
Flower and Power;
And a hundred hundred more
Offspring without number
From your nuclear womb,
Your hero’s heart.
Others there were, too ~
Children of your siblings,
Who learned of you in the nest,
And longed to see your face,
And bask in your radiant shadow.

I dreamed you came out ~
Our dragon ~
And swam the mighty ocean
To this strange future
We never dreamed.

You walked down streets familiar with destruction
And where your feet touched down,
Mighty forests grew.
Your eyes brought forth health clinics;
Your talons, schools;
And your teeth were stained with the blood of lies.

I dreamed you came out ~
And all that had been sent against you
Poured off your silky-armored strength
Like that small silver rain,
And all the past was prelude
And all men heard your roar:

Free, free, free at last!

Then, picking up the pieces,
You’ll dance down Fifth Avenue,
Among your retinue
With music everywhere,
And a thousand tongues
Raised in praise.
You’ll stroll through Central Park,
Munching on the new green leaves,
And smile at Liberty,
And She’ll smile back.

Mariann G. Wizard

Graphics from Tribal Dragon Tattoos.

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3 Responses to VERSE / Mariann G. Wizard : The Real Dragon (for Marilyn Buck)

  1. Mariann says:

    This poem appears in my 2006 poetry collection, SIXTY. I wrote it after seeing the modern version of the classic monster horror flic “Godzilla”, and a wonderful dream of Marilyn’s release.

    Dreams do come true!

  2. Richard says:

    One more dream realized.

    Claim no easy victories, but stop to celebrate when we win.

  3. Satori says:

    Will you be reading this at the evnt on the 9th? I loved it!

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