Video / Larry Piltz : You Asked Us to Believe

“You Asked Us to Believe.” Music, lyrics, vocal, producer: Larry Piltz; arrangement, instruments, recording enginer: Lamar Pecorino; post-production graphics and duplication: Channel 3 Video.

You Asked Us To Believe

“Fear Wins” read the headlines
on the papers on the windows
as the sun rose on the anger
of a nation at the headlines.

Where’s that savior who’s in favor
of the humans and all beings
and the freeing of the nation
from the bread lines and their dangers?

There’s a moment in the waiting
in the hoping amid the wondering
when time turns into motion
into the surge of a mighty ocean.

Hear me now
you asked us to believe
in something more
than what we thought
we might achieve.
So we carried you
right to that open door
and we don’t have to grieve
an open door.
We can do more.
Oh yes we can

It’s been an eon in the making
and it’s no time for fear and quaking.
Let’s see what love and peace will foment
as we seize our freedom moment.

We are The People. Speak with power
in your towns up in your towers.
It’s our Spring and time to flower
as we live our finest hour.

There’s a champion in the headlines
in the bread lines with a lifeline
and a bright line and a deadline
but whose dream will win the byline?

Will “Love Wins” read the headlines
in the sunshine and across the fault lines?
Will it be the nation’s claim to glory
when history writes our story?

Hear us now
you helped the world believe again
in something real and good
that we’d dreamt we could achieve friend.
It’s time for us to stride
through that open door.
You know we don’t need to grieve
an open door.
We can do more.
Oh yes we can.
You asked us to believe in something more
and yes we can.
Yes we can.
Oh yes we can.
Yes we can

Larry Piltz / The Rag Blog

[Larry Piltz is an Austin based writer, poet, and musician. Find more articles and poetry by Larry Piltz on The Rag Blog.]

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  1. Mariann says:

    NICE!!!!! Great vocals, too, Larry, wow, you hit it!

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