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Bush impeachment calls gather momentum
Published on Sunday, March 04, 2007.
Source: Press Tv

Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, Mayor of Salt Lake City, has called for the impeachment of George W. Bush before the Washington State Senate Governmental Operations Committee.

“I am honored to address you today and am pleased that you, unlike so many members of Congress and most state legislatures, have recognized your solemn responsibility to examine whether proceedings should be commenced for the impeachment of the President of the United States,” the Mayor said.

“Never before has there been such a compelling case for impeachment and removal from office of the president of the United States for heinous human rights violations, breaches of trust, abuses of power injurious to the nation, war crimes, misleading Congress and the American people about threats to our nation’s security and the supposed case for war, and grave violations of treaties, the Constitution, and domestic statutory law,” Anderson proclaimed.

The mayor has attended anti-war, anti-Bush rallies in Salt Lake City, one in August 2006, another in August 2005, addressing the demonstrators that Bush and Cheney should be probed into and possibly impeached by the Congress.

His written testimony, which was read before the committee, indicted Bush for “mislead(ing) the congress and the American people” by implicating the nation in an unwanted war in Iraq, violating basic human rights by kidnapping, torturing and detaining people on suspicion of terror without bringing any charges in a legal way, and reneging on all his duties as a president to observe the constitution and laws passed by congress.”

He also accused Bush administration of subjecting U.S. citizens to illegal surveillance methods through spying and wire-trapping.”

“Impeachment and removal from office is the only appropriate remedy for a president who asserts such abusive, totalitarian power, in contravention of fundamental rights and liberties embodied in the U.S. Constitution,” Anderson told the hearing committee.

Hundreds of anti-war activists in Olympia (Wash. State) had urged state lawmakers on Thursday to support a resolution asking that Congress investigate the Bush administration’s handling of the Iraq war and possibly consider impeachment of the president and vice president.

“This memorial is not directly about the war. In fact, it’s not even directly about impeachment. It’s about getting answers,” said state Sen. Eric Oemig, D-Kirkland, who sponsored the resolution.

“It’s a petition to Congress asking them to do a legitimate, real, serious investigation,” he added.

Sen. Oemig’s resolution is just an example of several other impeachment resolutions against Bush prepared by the state legislatures across the U.S. including California, Illinois, Minnesota and New Mexico.


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