We Don’t Trust Hillary Either

Hillary, if you’re in to win, stop the war spin
by Rae Abileah‚ Feb. 04‚ 2007

The Peace Movement Ups the Ante on Demands to Congress to Cut War Funding

“Senator Clinton, we’re blocking your door, until you cut this web of war!” was the chant heard through the halls of Congress outside Hillary Clinton’s office last Tuesday, where activists with the women’s peace group, CODEPINK, asked Hillary to stop supporting funding for the war in Iraq. 50 activists entered Hillary’s office and effectively wove themselves into a web of pink yarn and ribbons to symbolize the senator’s web of deception and the innocent people—Americans and Iraqis—caught in it. The group asked Hillary to pledge to fund college scholarships and healthcare, an issue the senator triumphs, not bombs and destruction. Activists held banners that bared slogans such as, “Hillary: Be a Woman for Peace” and “It takes an Invasion to Raze a Village,” and donned pink slips with the “Cut the Funding” message. After being forced out of Clinton’s office, six women were arrested while blocking Clinton’s door.

Those arrested included three Bay Area residents—Heather Box, Leslie Angeline, and myself. We were compelled to urge Senator Clinton to take leadership from our representatives, Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee, and stand up for peace. New York resident and arrested activist Sonia Silbert captured this sentiment when she said, “As young women we’ve been inspired by the powerful women who have paved the way and we’ve all been waiting to vote for a woman for president. But we want a woman who stands for values we can be proud of: the values of peace and justice, and healthcare not warfare.” Heather Box also stated, “I am here to represent my friends that are serving in Iraq because they cannot be here- and they want to be here. They want to come home and they want to be taken care of when they get here.”

Some progressives may still be asking why activists would go after Hillary. Why not keep on the Bush administration or the other neoconservative powers that be? Hillary has admitted to making the wrong choice on Iraq, yet remains unapologetic and unwavering in her dedication to continue funding this grossly mismanaged and misguided war. She is calling for a cap on troop levels, but has not addressed a timeline for an end to the occupation. She has never met an Iraq war supplemental she didn’t like, and its doubtful she will vote against the $100 billion supplemental this spring. Hillary, if you are in it to win, you better stop the spin.

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