Wealth Is Never Created by Destroying Things

Interviews with Leuren Moret and Alfred Webre on International 9/11 Citizen’s War Crimes Tribunal
By Cathy Garger
Jun 22, 2007, 16:06

Wealth is never created by destroying things. This is extreme capitalism killing itself.” ~ Leuren Moret, June 20, 2007

An unprecedented event is scheduled to take place Sunday, June 24, 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference. At this 9/11 Conference, Independent Scientist and world-renowned Uranium Weapons radiation expert, Leuren Moret, and International Lawyer Alfred Webre, J.D., M.Ed., will be calling publicly for the establishment of an International Citizen’s 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal.

The only disappointing aspect about this event is that 300 Million Americans will not be around to watch – and celebrate – this historical announcement, as it will be taking place in Canada. One certainly hopes that somebody remembers to bring a video camera.

Almost six years have passed since the horrific crimes which have permanently etched graphic, disturbing images into the world’s collective memory. September 11, 2001 was a day filled with tragedies of incalculable devastation and loss in which countless homes, lives, and dreams were obliterated in not much more than the blink of an eye.

But this is not just an American deal. Sure, the lives of 3,000 Americans and those who loved them were shattered that day; but for millions of Middle Easterners daily existence has been forever contaminated with the lingering, cumulative effects of radioactive, infinitesimal, invisible Uranium aerosols of war that the self-proclaimed deliverers of “democracy”-American-style, continue to spew, forever poisoning the air, water, soil and food supply.

In addition to the massive Uranium poisoning effectively conducted with the occupying military’s weapons of war, the events of September 11 forever obliterated any sense of “normal” life, as we in the United States used to know it, beginning the very moment the massive heinous killing spree was first reported.

One could say that America has become the land of the walking zombie – with citizens controlled by fear and a rapidly growing, alarming cognizance that our government, once looked upon as a benign entity that functioned as caretaker, dedicated to looking after its populace’s needs, health, and pursuit of happiness, is nothing more than a brutal police state heavily entrenched in fascist ideology; it is seen to be hiding behind a cross and a flag while single-mindedly hell-bent on imperialistic crusades in search of ever more resources, power, and control – but only for those who pull the strings, naturally … and their wealthy friends.

When I first heard about the upcoming announcement of the International Citizen’s 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal, I realized that if Leuren Moret, arguably the nation’s most ardent, knowledgeable, and passionate anti-Uranium weapons voice was involved, that this must be the “real thing”. I was also familiar with Alfred Webe, J.D., M.Ed., who had, to his tremendous credit, initiated The September 11 Treason Independent Prosecutor Act.

Still, I admit to being more than a bit curious to discover the driving force behind the pursuit of justice for the False Flag war crimes of 9/11, when the entire US government had long ago washed its hands of the matter. In short, while my heart pounded wildly at the words “International Citizen’s 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal”, I could not help but think, as righteous as this effort might sound: would it – could it – possibly, really, actually work?

To find out what was driving this action, I first approached Leuren Moret. She has earned a M.A. degree with completed coursework for a Ph.D., and is an independent geo-scientist and environmental commissioner for the City of Berkeley, California. She has provided expert testimony on numerous occasions, including the Tokyo International Tribunal for War Crimes in Afghanistan, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Conference, the World Depleted Uranium Weapons Conference in Hamburg, Germany, and a Public Hearing for the ICTA in Manila, Philippines. Moret also serves on the organizing committees of the World Committee on Radiation Risk and International Criminal Tribunal for Iraq and has written volumes on the topic of Uranium weapons of war.

I asked Moret what made her want to become involved with calling for a Citizen’s 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal. She replied, “I don’t think there is any choice. Someone has to stop it, and hold the perpetrators accountable.”

I should have figured that this would be her reply, as Moret had previously written about tracking radiation from Depleted Uranium at the Pentagon. It was obvious that she did not believe the pre-packaged caveman story either.

Wondering what outcome did she think – or hope – this might have, Moret replied encouragingly: “People are beginning to act, and to think, and to get in touch with their anger. That becomes the power to fight back and to feel empowered. If we are able to reach our spiritual energy and our real potential, the perpetrators will soon be chased down the street, caught, and hanging from the gallows.”

In complete candor, the visual that phrase conjured up was one I had never before so graphically contemplated. Admittedly, as loathe as one might be to admit out loud to such gruesome thinking, the image of the war-making civilian-killers from Washington, in their designer suits and star-emblazoned, military-green uniforms, lifelessly dangling from the tallest old oak trees inside Lafayette Park, holds a certain fascinating – while undoubtedly macabre – appeal.

Well, if you stop to think about it for a moment, what punishment, would be just, proper, and fitting for such beasts-in-human-form-only who have, quite literally, knowingly, and radioactively contaminated not “only” several nations, but an entire planet for all eternity?

Moret continued, “It’s a process. Getting people into the process is the most important step. After that, it takes on its own path and dynamic and we just need to be there engaged in the process. I know. That’s how it happened to me … Suddenly you look around and say, ‘How did I get here?’, and realize you are doing the most important work you have ever done … and you feel nothing but the incredible lightness of being. And you realize that all these other light beings are swarming around you helping … and that is exactly what is happening. It is not hierarchical or structured, it is more like insects swarming … a global diffuse and very powerful movement that cannot be attacked or defeated.”

Further elaborating with the sense of an individual who had given intense contemplation on her purpose in this mission, Moret explained, “It’s beautiful, it’s effortless, and it’s done with the greatest sense of joy and love in the world… and we are all working side by side.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Toss it away, dismiss it, give it no thought or power. Just start doing…”

After these words, I was both inspired and encouraged. Moret’s heart was clearly into this – but deeply – and knowing her personal history as that of a determined, courageous, and dedicated humanitarian activist, my hopes and optimism for the International Citizen’s 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal only continued to rise.

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