What Corrupt Federal Republican Administration?

Bush’s Drug Czar uses your money to elect Republicans

Tell the Partisan Drug Czar to Resign!

Recently released Bush administration e-mails and documents show that the White House Drug Czar’s office used your taxpayer money to travel around the country campaigning for embattled Republican Congressional candidates in the months leading up to the 2006 elections, under the guise of holding ‘anti-drug events.’ Every one of these events was held in a district represented by a Republican member of Congress facing a tight reelection campaign.

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy is charged with developing effective strategies to reduce drug abuse and the problems associated with it. Instead, under the leadership of political appointee John P. Walters, the Office of National Drug Control Policy has illegally wasted time and resources pursuing ideological agendas and partisan politics.

Join Students for Sensible Drug Policy in demanding that John Walters resign! Please take a few minutes to visit http://www.capwiz.com/mobilize/issues/alert/?alertid=10036581 and send a pre-written letter to Walters, which will also be copied to decision makers in Congress who control ONDCP’s budget.

According to reports in the media, Walters coordinated appearances at over 20 Republican campaign events directly with the White House director of political affairs. In an e-mail from ONDCP’s White House liason Doug Simon, it was revealed that even chief political strategist Karl Rove commended the historically nonpartisan Office of National Drug Control Policy for “going above and beyond the call of duty” in making “surrogate appearances” at locations Simon described as “the god awful places we sent them.”

It is truly disgusting that the Drug Czar’s office would illegally spend taxpayer money on partisan politics, while insulting the residents of the districts in which they campaigned. These so-called “god awful places” include towns with SSDP chapters including Columbia, MO; Orlando, FL; Seattle, WA; Stockton, CA; and Cincinnati, OH.

Ironically, according to the Los Angeles Times, of the candidates that the Walters illegally campaigned for, half lost their re-election bids. This fits a pattern of ineffective advocacy by ONDCP, following Walters’s pushing for increased funding for government sponsored anti-drug propaganda ads despite studies showing that the ads cause more drug abuse, and his promotion of random student drug testing programs that have been proven to have no impact on drug use.

If you are outraged that John Walters and ONDCP are spending your taxpayer money illegally campaigning for Republican politicians rather than focusing on reducing drug abuse in this country, I hope you will take the time to send a letter to Walters urging him to resign. Just visit http://www.capwiz.com/mobilize/issues/alert/?alertid=10036581.

For more background information on the Drug Czar’s recent hijinx, you can read SSDP’s blog at http://daregeneration.blogspot.com/2007/07/partisan-republican-drug-czar-must.html.

Also, please consider making a generous donation to Students for Sensible Drug Policy to support our efforts to protect young people from the excesses of the War on Drugs by visiting http://www.ssdp.org/donate.

Thank you for your support.

Kris Krane
Executive Director
Students for Sensible Drug Policy

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