What Is Junior Afraid Of?

This is the second time in six months that a case such as this has surfaced. The first was a fourteen-year-old kid. Seems to us that he oughta quit worrying – his final judgement is not in the hands of us mortals.

81-Year-Old Liberals Now Terror Threat

Like most Americans, 81-year-old Dan Tilli isn’t a big fan of President Bush. And like many older Americans, he writes letters to the editor of his local paper, The Express-Times in Easton.

Unlike most Americans, Dan Tilli got a visit from the Secret Service after writing a letter bashing President Bush. The letter was published in Monday’s Express-Times and concluded with the line: “I still believe they hanged the wrong man.” I’d assume he was saying they (the Iraqis?) should have hung Osama Bin Laden instead, but the Secret Service agents decided to drive 60 miles from Philly to Easton to check out if he was thinking about hurting President Bush.

Read it all here.

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