What Is Wrong With These Morons?

We don’t need a “new generation” of these fucking things: we need to get rid of them forever.

U.S. Selects Design for New Nuclear Warhead

WASHINGTON (March 1) – The Bush administration took a major step Friday toward building a new generation of nuclear warheads, selecting a design that is being touted as safer, more secure and more easily maintained than today’s arsenal.

A team of scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will proceed with the weapons design with an anticipation that the first warheads may be ready by 2012 as a replacement for Trident missiles on submarines.

The new weapons program, which has received cautious support from Congress , was immediately criticized by some nuclear nonproliferation groups as a signal that the government wants to expand nuclear weapons production – not move toward eliminating the stockpile.

Read it here.

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