Who IS In Denial?

Bush, Blair and Baker (or who is in denial?)
By Robert Thompson
Dec 14, 2006, 20:07

Even a worm can turn, as appears from the obvious willingness of Mr Blair to begin to understand the need for his Neocon masters to talk politely to both Iran and Syria if they wish to reach any kind of solution to the problems created in Iraq by their illegal and downright stupid war and invasion.

Mr Bush’s former speech-write, Mr David Frum, has spoken on BBC Radio to say that there is no necessary link between the ongoing crisis in the Holy Land and the other difficulties in the Near and Middle East, but his views are as straight as the corkscrew which presumably inspired him to invent the famous bent axis. We have to remember that this bent axis linked together strictly secular Syria, rigidly Shia Islamic Iran and Stalinist North Korea, and clearly pleased Mr Bush, whose misuse of words is notorious, as is his failure to understand even simple expressions couched in the English language.

Mr Bush, from what we saw and heard on our television sets, seems to have gone into a pathological state of denial as to the need at least to pay full attention to what we know as the Baker report and to its suggestions.

We are told that the result of the audience granted by Mr Bush on Thursday to his Scottish lackey is that Mr Blair will now go to the Near and Middle East notionally to restart the Palestine Peace Process, but it is extremely difficult to see what such a man can do. He has no credibility as an “honest broker”, since he has since the beginning been closely linked to the plotting of the invasion of Iraq, and he has always given support to successive Zionist governments, including the present one under the former Gauleiter of Jerusalem.

The only possibility of peace is for the Neocons to swallow their overweening pride and to speak directly to both the Iranian government, as invited several times by President Ahmadinejad, and to Syria, as also suggested by President Assad. Obviously, it will be necessary to ensure that enemy troops and settlers should leave the areas of Syria (and of the Lebanon) which they have seized and occupied, and that their nasty government should put an end to its breaches of all United Nations Resolutions.

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