Why We Would Be Best Served By …

… rejecting both majour political parties.

Pander Dragoon

Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman made an important statement about violence. Allow me to summarize their position, as of December 6th of this year.

Direct American involvement in the deplorable violence decimating what was once the nation of Iraq is necessary in order to secure a lasting peace. Violence in video games must be closely and carefully monitored at great public expense, as it poisons our youth.

Do I have that correctly?

In a press conference scheduled for 3:00 P.M., Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) will appear with ESA president Doug Lowenstein and ESRB president Patricia Vance to announce the launch of a nationwide television campaign to promote awareness of video game ratings.

Here’s Arianna Huffington’s response to the story:

The violence in Iraq is becoming more savage by the minute — among the dead yesterday were 45 bullet-riddled corpses found in Baghdad, many of whom had been tortured before being executed — and Hillary is worried about video game violence? Are you kidding me?

Could she be any more politically tone deaf?

Now that Arianna brings it up, I would be curious to see the polling that has led Lieberman and Clinton to conclude that propping up pointless video game ratings systems is a politically advantageous course of action.

Read the rest of it here.

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