Wildlife Wednesday – Midnight Marauder

As I imagine most of you know, these little fellas are pretty bad. Cute as can be, but bad. A friend of mine took this pic on Vancouver Island, but I could just as well have taken it here in Washington. The most memorable experience for me was about a year ago being awakened at 4 am with sounds very reminiscent of a B&E. There were four of these little critters on the roof having what I assume was a rough and tumble game of football. I don’t have pets, so needn’t worry about leaving the dog food outside, but there are so many careless folks here in town that the raccoons never want for free food. Richard Jehn

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  1. Mariann says:

    bad, yes — they kill baby birds in their nests and when they have sex they make a noise like a woman being murdered — cute, tho!!!

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