2nd Annual Neighborhood Planning Conference

Hey Look Us Over. Get Ready. We are a GO for the The Second Annual Neighborhood Planning Conference: Continue to Save the Date, Time and Place:

May 5, 2007, Austin Community College, Eastview Campus: THE NEXT TEN YEARS: Building Community Capacity.

Click on Agenda (pdf) for more information about the workshops. The May 5th Conference is only $25 (It’s $35 after April 27th, and space may be limited). And you get a lunch too! Scholarships available. Opportunities for Tax-deductible contributions (Thanks Austin Community Foundation)! Working together is the only way to a sustainable future… The 2007 Conference will include over 40 citizen-led workshops in 8 Tracks on topics solicited from community organizations and leaders that would be useful in enhancing Community Capacity Building (see Agenda above and Tracks below*).

You can’t do it all! As stated by one Community Leader…

“The 2007 Neighborhood Planning Conference schedule has depth and ambition; folks will want to attend every session. Let’s work together to get neighborhood coverage of the workshops. I would like all of our Neighborhood Association leadership to attend, (8 RNA officers) in order to get saturation and to share knowledge. In addition to the Lunch session, make the last session where people network to collectively implement meaningful action. Deep thanks to each of you for this pioneering event.” Martha Ward, Ridgetop Neighborhood Association.

Please contact us for any additional information for and/or from the Neighborhood Planning Convening Committee (or contact us at neighbors@austin.rr.com. See you on the 5th, if not sooner. (In the alternative, send your check made out to “One Neighbor”, P.O. Box 1961, Austin, Texas 78767. Include your address and telephone number.)

Hosted by the NEIGHBORHOOD PLANNING CONVENING COMMITTEE (See also Convening Committee (pdf))

The Schedule: Welcome to the 2007 Neighborhood Planning Conference

When: May 5, 2007, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Where: Austin Community College, EASTVIEW CAMPUS,
3401 Webberville Rd., Austin, TX 78702.


Registration ~ 7:30 am

· Main Speakers & Opening Session: ~ The Next Ten Years: Building Capacity 8:30 am
· Break ~ 10 am
· 1st Workshop ~ 10:15 am
· 2nd Workshop ~ 11:15 am
· Watershed Lunch [Panel with Reps from Neighborhood Councils ~ 12:15 pm
· 3rd Workshop ~ 1:00 pm
· 4th Workshop ~ 2:00 pm
· 5th Workshop ~ 3:00 pm
· Closing Session: Interim Community Projects ~ 4:00 pm
· End of Conference ~ 4:30 pm

The Conference Tracks (5 Workshops Each Track):

Track 1. Jerry Schultz: Community Capacity Building.
Track 2. Jim Diers: Governmental/Structural Capacity Building.
Track 3. Neighborhoods Building Relationships with Governments
Track 4. TNT and Susan Hill: Boot Camp
Track 5. Neighborhood Environment
Track 6. Neighborhood Transportation and Economic Development
Track 7. Neighborhood Communications
Track 8. Neighborhood Planning Vision

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