A Nepotistic Tune on Sunday

We’re ’round to Singin’ on Sunday once again, and I picked a tune I’d almost forgotten. My sister, Deb, did a recital to wind up her BFA in music at the University of Texas. At that point, she was about at the apogee of her skill with the flute (although she’s still pretty darn accomplished), and when you hear this, you’ll probably think as I did that she should’ve been a concert flautist. Well, she went on to teach elementary school kids about music and that was a good thing for her to do, and I believe far more comfortable than a concert circuit would’ve been.

This piece was composed especially for her recital in 1985. She doesn’t identify a name for the piece, but she does say that William Grear composed it (and he plays the piano for it, too). It’s beautiful and a little different for Singin’ on Sunday. Grear is still composing music and lives in Austin (or thereabouts). You can find some of his more recent compositions here. Deb, she spends most of her time sailing the waters of Australia, so hasn’t recorded a thing for a long time. Richard Jehn

Untitled – William Grear, 1985
Deb Jehn, Flautist

Note: the tune is in Windows Media Player format and is about 4.6 mB.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    amazing and beautiful – thanks for sharing this, Richard!

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