Letter to Cindy Sheehan from AVA

Dear Cindy Sheehan,

Hopefully Gavan Duffy, an old friend from Austin, Texas, can hand deliver the accompanying letter of appreciation. It is from a number of US Americans in Europe and originally written to be given to you upon your visit at the European Parliament recently. We were saddened that you could not make the trip, and shocked to heard about some difficulties in New York. Also unfortunately over here there was a bit of “frantic” organizing by a person in Germany which caused confusions and communications problems.

Hopefully you can get over this way at some point in the future. One anecdote from Berlin: at a peace demonstration we participated in here the police came over and thanked us for demonstrating.

Nice, yes?

And we in turn thank you for your insights, courage and visible work. Here our original letter to you.

Greetings, Cindy Sheehan!

We, Americans living abroad, want to thank you for coming here this week. We thank you for your great dedication.

We hope that all those here today, and all those who could not come personally but are here in spirit, will give you the strength to continue to deliver your message.

We also want you to know about the concerned and informed Europeans among whom we live who overwhelmingly view this war as wrong.

We stand at your side, millions of Americans, whether in the United States or living overseas, with millions of Europeans, laughing with you, crying with you, and, hopefully, working with you to end this war.

from Germany:
American Voices Abroad, Berlin
American Voices Abroad, Hamburg
American Voices Abroad, Heidelberg
American Voices Abroad, Stuttgart
American Voices Abroad, Tuebingen

from France:
Americans Against the War, France
American Voices Abroad, Southwestern France
Americans for Peace and Justice, Montpellier

from Italy:
American Voices Abroad (U.S. Citizens Against War), Florence
American Voices Abroad (U.S Citizens for Peace and Justice), Rome

as well as individual members of the American Voices Abroad Coalition
from the Czech Republic (Prague) and the United Kingdom (London).

Ann Wertheimer, Chair AVA-Berlin
David MacBryde, secretary

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