A Video Series on World Agriculture: Monsanto, Part 2

The World According to Monsanto (Part 2 of 8)

Right now, there is probably no other company that is doing more to endanger the health of this planet, and it’s inhabitants, than Monsanto. With Nazi-like attitude, they are leading the world in shear destructive evil greed. First they were a drug company, and then they expanded to become a drugs and genetic engineering company, and now Monsanto is attempting to acquire water rights in countries with water shortages in a move to control the people’s basic means of survival, and production of the global food supply. Giant transnational corporations like Monsanto, in collusion with the World Bank and the World Trade Organization, seek to commodify and privatize the world’s water and put it on the open market for sale to the highest bidder. Millions of the world’s citizens are being deprived of this fundamental human right, and vast ecological damage is being wrought as massive industry claims water once used to sustain communities and replenish nature.

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Thanks to Diane Stirling-Stevens / The Rag Blog

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3 Responses to A Video Series on World Agriculture: Monsanto, Part 2

  1. Great – using a video to support your dialog/text.

    I’m so tired of these 3-letter references.

    CIA/FBI/GSO/FDA/has anyone thought about how difficult and ridiculous this all is – having these ‘letters’ make it even more difficult, and more OBSCURE, to try to attach these terms in alphabetical format, rather than WRITING THEM OUT!!!!

    I’m sick of this too….

    The FDA – b.s. I can write out b.s. – bullshit!!!

    T%he GSA – the FDIC – the IRS – aren’t we tired of these????

    I am…………..

  2. Well – xcuse me…aka EXCUSE ME…I had a typo’….

    gene – DNA??? Gene – the name of a man??? Jean – the name of a female??? My dearest friend died a month ago – her name was JEAN – she died of LUNG CANCER.

    I want these @#$#@@# writen OUT – no more acronyms; no more ‘brief forms’ – no more ‘cute’ damned terms, that we use to try to figure out all of this #$@$@#$..

    MONSANTAO – now that is a company name; a clear term, and a pile of @$#@#$@#$23* that is the most public and blatant in their ‘quest’ to destroy the United States, and feed us MORE than crap!!!

  3. Yes, see how I avoid getting edited or charged with foul language if I just use @#$@#$@#$@#4)(*)#$()* – ah, the keyboard can be our friend after all…………

    I love this blog!!! You guys do such a SUPER JOB!!!

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