Alec Baldwin on Obama, Clinton

Who can beat McCain?
By Alec Baldwin / April 6, 2008

Lotta folks on this site (the Huffington Post) hating Hillary because she’s a woman. Lotta folks on this site loving Hillary because she’s a woman. Makes me think that, in some quarters, men have been uncomfortable with women a lot longer than whites have been uncomfortable with blacks.

Sometimes I honestly believe that a racist white guy would vote for Obama over anyone like his wife or mother. A woman as Commander-and-Chief? Uh-uh, they say.

How sad.

Lotta folks worried about Obama’s level of experience. Whatever you do, don’t buy into that Republican bullshit. Obama is FDR compared to this Bush. The GOP committed every possible sin in order to get Bush elected. They forged a whole set of new ones to get him reelected. Everyone around the world recognizes that America is in real trouble. Most Americans do, too.

The past eight years have been the moral low point of the American experience.

I have said in these pages before that either candidate has the potential to make a very good president. Clinton is smart and shrewd in ways that will serve her well in office. I think she would play a Democratic Congress like a violin. Obama will have the great fortune of being able to attract his own version of the “Best and the Brightest”, an army of brilliant and capable reform-minded people who would normally abjure political careers as the result of their inherent cynicism.

Who can beat McCain? That is all that matters.

McCain is another right-wing, retro, deficit-loving, never-seen-a-defense-appropriation-I-didn’t-like tool. But there are a lot of people in this dumbed-down country that will buy that.

They want to turn the clock back. To what, I don’t know. Which Democrat will give a critical number of Americans the courage to move forward? This election represents a turning point for this country, not only internally, but regarding our future among the other nations of the world. America will begin to, albeit slowly, irreversibly go down if we do not get this right.

It is wrong to assume that either of these Democrats is less qualified than the other. But Democrats must think like Republicans, now more than ever. Who can win?

You think major GOP fundraisers sat back and clucked over the nomination of Bush in 2000? You must be joking. They held their noses and went along for the ride because Republicans like James Baker and that maniac Richard Mellon Scaife have their hands on the money valve and they anointed Bush. The GOP plays to win. They don’t have good candidates all that often, but they don’t let that stop them. Everyone digs in and puts their shoulder behind even the lamest nominee.

If you want to advocate for Clinton or Obama, do so in the context of how they will defeat McBush.

PS: One possible consequence of an Obama presidency? Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton. Dang, that sounds good.

Source. The Huffington Post / The Rag Blog

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What an asshole.

  2. richard jehn says:

    The pot speaks to the kettle.

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