America: Happy, Happy, Happy !!

Happy, Happy, Happy !!
By Diane Stirling-Stevens / The Rag Blog / November 4, 2008

Boy, what a wonderful day I had! My back was killing me; took my pain medication, and finally headed over to the casino to gamble; eat lunch, and watch the election as it unfolded.

I ‘placed my numbers’ – always use #44 since it’s Hank Aaron’s number, and he was my favorite baseball player (it is also the number of the president who was elected today). I was ‘up and down’ – hit $100; then down – then hit another $100, and after going up and down with about $75 still in the machine, I nailed it for $4,700.00 shortly after 4 this afternoon. I broke into tears of happiness; gave out $300 for a tip – handed out a few hundred to those who were seated near me (and hadn’t had a bite/good luck), and told a couple people ‘now if only Obama wins I’ll have had the best day’.

I went home to get my husband to treat him to dinner; that was wonderful, and when we came out Obama was ‘over the top’ – the casino and restaurant was in an uproar of happiness, and we spent the rest of the time having ‘good cheer drinks’, and celebrating.

I’m happy my family in Ohio; California, Michigan and Florida all ‘chimed in’ at the last, and agreed Obama was the ‘pick’, and I see he carried all of those states as well as my state of Nevada – now that was just the ‘topping’ on a wonderful election day/night cake for me.

I loved Obama’s speech; he was clearly happy and grateful, but still that wonderful reserved and poised individual that I admire so much.

I can hardly wait to ring our neighbor’s door-bell tomorrow; they are a lovely black family, and they all were so unsure of Obama’s success – I bet they are celebrating now, but I don’t want to interfere with their family gathering, so tomorrow is soon enough.

It’s more than an election to me; it’s an acceptance that not just a ‘white man’ is qualified to be president, but that anyone with the right education, desire, and commitment should be eligible to become a leader for our country (or our state), in a capacity where they can represent our dreams and goals because they share them, too.

I don’t think I’ll sleep easily tonight; it’s just too wonderful. I must say coming home with a wad of $100 bills made it just a bit more delightful ….

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3 Responses to America: Happy, Happy, Happy !!

  1. Well Richard, what a wonderful surprise! I came to read this morning because I always read your blog first and was expecting to see a great picture of Obama and family; along with an article from a major newspaper.

    Instead, my e-mail to you and close friends was ‘looking at me’ – complete with the balloons I sent (and I have real ones outside the door today in celebration of our new president).

    It’s cool in Nevada; the wind is blowing hard, and the balloons are tossing around trying to get ‘loose’ – I’m guessing this is just how Obama is feeling; he wants to ‘get started’ in his new quest to help all of us get back to some of those values and opportunities we once had under the guidance of JFK.

    To me Obama is a blend of Ralph Nader; JFK, RFK, MLK, and Ghandi – finally I can refer to my country’s leader as Mr. President, and not ‘Dumb Dubya’….

    I hope you’re as happy and not too terribly cold up there; I saw you got some chilly weather in your neck of the woods.

    Take care, and thank you for sharing my joy with those who also read your blog. Diane

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  3. ….and ObaMUST! Now that advertisement for it being ‘all about the “O”‘ has new meaning (and not just!

    It’s been a magical 48 hours – hard to ‘settle down’ and realize just what has happened to all of us in this country! A breath of very fresh air that we all needed so badly. /ds

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