An Arab Woman Rage

From An Arab Woman Blues

The Uncensored Anger Manifesto – Part III

Warning to readers: I frankly don’t give a damn, but just to let you know that the following sequel to Part I & II contains profanities. And if you are expecting a lady like response from me vis a vis the events, forget it and move on to another blog that will manage your sensitivities.


Let me ask you something.
For fuck’s sake , what have WE done to You ?
Yes We – the Iraqi people . What crimes have we committed against you ?
You : United dickheads of America, Great shitty Britain, neurotic paranoid Israel and self flagellating Iran .
Answer Me now. I demand a reply now !

Is it not enough that for over three decades we lived under One party Dictatorship ?
Is it not enough that we lost over 500’000 of our young fine men during the Iraq-Iran War – fighting some crazy mullahs who want to “liberate” the peninsula with their fossilized ideologies?

Is it not enough that we were bombed senseless during Gulf War I and lost more thousands?
Is it not enough that we had to live under a draconian, savage embargo that no people in history had known and lost over another million people in the process? Half of which were Babies – babies you fucking bastards. Babies left to die in squalid conditions, tummies bloated by hunger and disease.
Is it not enough that we still have to live with depleted Uranium that has wrecked havoc in our bodies and riddled us with cancer. And you know damn well that this poison will be staying in our land for centuries.
Is it not enough that we had to sell our furnitures, books, clothes and some even sold their kidneys for God’s sake, during the sanction years, so families can survive.
Is it not enough that men with doctorats worked as taxi drivers , rubbish collectors and porters in neighboring countries ?
Is it not enough that mothers had to prostitute themselves to feed their kids ?

Is it not enough for you ?
No you wanted more – more more more …
Like a bottomless pit. Like a beast with a hole in his gut that no amount of anything will fill.
So what did you do? You went ahead and took some more.

Gulf War II – This was no fucking war . This was an INVASION, and an OCCUPATION .
And you bombed some more, bombed away until oblivion . 700 fucking tons of bombs fell on our heads in operation Freedom, Liberation, Democracy…or whatever lie you used.
(you know, I have become so sick of these words, every time I hear them I want to throw up right in your face.)

And then you rolled in. Smelly Brits in the South, filthy Americans in the center whilst those other bastards from Iran were guiding you to the right spots and the other bastards the Kurds made the North cozy for you.
So you pillaged. Oil wells, museums, libraries, artifacts,palaces,homes,huts, anything you can grab.
Was that not enough ? Oh no it was not.
You had to have some more….

So you destroyed-buildings, schools, universities,orphanages,hospitals, shops, houses, fields, villages,cities, towns.
And that was not enough.
So you shot left right and center, being wired to hate with zeal.
You know that feeling of zeal, that red hot hatred that runs in your veins.You know it all too well.
That burning contempt that loves to humiliate first then murder. The rush of getting them all. You know what am talking about you filthy bastards. You know.
So you trained mercenaries, snipers , contractors, militias, death squads, spies and you paid them with our blood money.

And that was not enough for you just to kill mercilessly. No it was not.
You first had to humiliate and insult – sandnigger, towelhead, raghead, desert scum, muslim mother fuckers, Iraqis sons of bitches, Arab sons of whores -cursing and wishing hell, cursing and threatening Death.
And still that is not enough for you.
So you had to do more.Imprison- prisons and camps all over. Hundreds, thousands,with no food, with no medical care, crammed together, pissing and defecating on themselves, tied up like animals, hooded, squatting in vomit, in urine, in feces for days, for weeks for months, for years in the burning sun , in the bitter cold and still there waiting for your final say.
And that is still not enough.
So you decided to Torture- bricks, sticks,canes, brooms, drills, sledgehammers, ropes, whips, electrical wires, razors, spikes,rods, iron bars… and only the Devil knows what else you came up with…

Were you satisfied ? Oh no.
More, more, more cried the Beast inside of you .
So you raped – rape Abeer, rape in Abu Ghraib, rape Saddam, rape boys, rape men, rape girls, rape women, rape history, rape monuments, rape sacred places, rape the earth, rape the sky , rape the rivers…

Enough ? Oh no- You did not reach that place where the thrill tintillates you fully.
So you murder, slaughter, kill in cold blood, with acute precision -Abeer, Mahmoudiah,Haditha, Ramadi, Al Qaem,Basrah, Fallujah,Baghdad, Mosul, Tikrit…Saddam.
You left nothing and no one . Well over 800’000 dead and 100 a day sacrificed in your satanic ritual.
And is that enough ? Oh no. You have to have more. That climax has not reached you yet.
So you burn, you mutilate, you spit, you kick, you thump, you piss, you curse…The Dead.
And is that enough for you ? Still not.
So you continue and persevere. More more more….. hypnotized by Cruelty, enthralled by Viciousness, entranced by Blood, enraptured by Savagery, mesmerized by Death, gripped by Demons…
More, more , more.

And in the dumps , the swamps , the garbage that has piled up for years, amidst the smell of decomposing bodies, rotten flesh, limbs torn apart, sniffing stray dogs, little Iraqi children who probably escaped after some gory rape scene, with a red rash around their mouths or waiting to be given away or sold to anyone willing to buy them – scavenge for morsels to eat .

And it will never be enough for You.


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