Austin Planetarium Investigating UFOs Caught on Tape

“U.F.O.’s” (2008) / by Marcus / Austin, Texas.
House paint over spray paint over gesso on plywood (20″ x 22″).

‘McCullough and Lancaster aren’t sure what they captured on video. The executive director of the Austin Planetarium doesn’t know either.’
By Alexis Patterson / November 21, 2008

The Austin Planetarium is now investigating some strange sights in the sky – caught on tape. An astronomy expert is calling them unidentified flying objects – UFOs.

Some men who live in a Central Austin apartment building say they’ve seen bizarre things in the sky for months, but lately it’s been more frequent. The men recorded their sightings on home video. Experts from the Austin Planetarium visited the apartment building area Friday night to see if they could also spot the objects.

Nothing appeared in the sky Friday that would convert any skeptics. But the home video show by Carl Lancaster and Doug McCullough may raise questions in some people’s minds.

“Sometimes they go fast, sometimes they go slow. They make no noise,” said McCullough.

McCullough and Lancaster aren’t sure what they captured on video. The executive director of the Austin Planetarium doesn’t know either.

“It doesn’t look like anything I can recognize,” said Torvald Hessel.

Hessel, an astronomer, says the objects don’t move like an airplane.

“There’s a military base close by, so that would be possible, and they are not going to tell you if they’re flying something special,” said Hessel.

But Hessel doesn’t think the shapes are weather balloons, comets, or shooting stars.

“It’s an unidentified flying object,” said Hessel. “I’m not saying it’s little green men at all. It’s just something we see flying in the air, and we don’t know what it is.”

The Austin Planetarium plans to try to enhance the video to see if some answers can be identified. The video enhancement will take a few days at least. In the meantime, Lancaster and McCullough say they’ll keep watching the sky.

Lancaster and McCullough say they first saw the objects back in April, then didn’t see them again until September. They tell CBS 42 they’ve consistently seen the objects since then.

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2 Responses to Austin Planetarium Investigating UFOs Caught on Tape

  1. Joseph Capp says:

    Thanks for an excellent article. UFOs are real. What they are is open for debate. Neither Project Bluebook nor any other official investigation could explain all UFOs. There were the knowns, the unknowns and the unknowns but with more evidence would probably be “known”.

    But the objects witnessed by highly credible witnesses who observed these objects for sometime could not be explain…then and even now.
    I thank the astronomer for doing what good science does best an open minded investigating of a mystery.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog Post:”The Man Who Wasn’t There:Newhouse”

  2. Mariann says:

    So guys — can y’all post up any of that video? I’d like to see if what these cats are seeing in South Austin looks like what I saw over the Mayan ruins at Tikal in 1997.

    Seems odd, tho, that if the Others are scoping out SoAu, there haven’t been mass reports, doesn’t it?

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