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A friend here wanted me to watch Fox and HNN for a few hours and comment. He is a Deer Corn conservative but has some what they call book learning. Though I think he has stopped reading.

Well, I tried to watch the “O’Really Facts” just so I could expand my mind in the proper direction and was again amazed at the way the man distorts everything. Well, not really amazed. To know what is going on one has to be open minded and it is a struggle to find all the information and to put it together in a concise and correct form. O’Reilly makes a mockery of the truth as do Hannity and that other fool and the great Mr. Beck who is just a thin Rush Limbaugh. And Al Franken, the so called voice of the liberals, is also a shrill shouter of nonsense.

The reporting of what Murtha said was so fallacious on CNN and Fox it made me cringe again. He said that the bill on Congressional reform was crap and that Nancy wants it. He did indeed say the word crap. He said it in this context however. It is crap that we have to make a law on reform when we ought to be doing this naturally as
citizens. And the Nancy part was also true, she does want the Congress to reform its ways and if making a law is the way to make them reform then so be it, but it is still crap, that we are forced by greedy men and women to have to do this.

The television news makes me tired. I don’t give a damn who married who in Hollywood or who is making what picture. You can’t go around the World in 80 seconds. Well, Fox can but in the real world it takes a couple of hours of careful viewing and analysis.

When the boss at Fox sends a memo stating that they are seeking viewers and that the truth is a matter of conjecture and that they will make the decision as to what is news and what is not, I shudder at the ramifications. Sounds so much like what I learned in Journalism under Dr. Barker. He taught us how Heinrich Himmler used the media to change the attitudes of all Germany. And how the rights of man were eroded and the Gestapo and Brown shirts became the arm of the party that made sure you listened and obeyed the party line. He was old school and said you need to talk to both sides and look at every angle and tell it all to the people and let them make the judgements. “THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE” as it says on the tower at the University of Texas. The people have to decide and today with the Internet it is easy to learn more than you ever wanted about things.

I can watch BBC news and watch Australian news as well as the daily messages from New Delhi. This does not make me a liberal as you say. It makes me an intellectual who is searching for the truth.

The Liberians one of our African allies in 1997 held a BBQ party at the beach. President of that country Johnson, I forget his first name off the bat, invited all the doctors and teachers to the beach and as the party really got going had them all machine gunned.

What did we do? Nothing? Finally the U.S. embassy was surrounded and the airport destroyed. The USS Guadalcanal made an appearance and my son went ashore along with a company of Marines and they secured the port and the embassy but not until after heavy fighting that was never, ever, mentioned on FOX or CNN, It was only barely covered in Newsweek, which is another story. I have some pretty raunchy photos my son took at the airport of the bodies left to decay.

Liberia is a great place to visit.

As great as Angola where I spent two years with our NATO buddies from Portugal keeping the rail line to Katanga Province open so all that strategic metal could get to Lobitos and onto ships headed for the USA where it was smelted and reconstituted for use by Northrop and Boeing for jet engines. The Brits and Spanish got their share, too. The Cubans and the SWAPO and SIMBA were the ones trying to stop the trains.

Gulf oil cut a deal with SWAPO at that time and it is part of history. They paid a million dollars a month to the insurgents to leave Gulf alone it took us a day to travel from Boma in ZAIRE now the Democratic Republic of Congo to Cabinda City on the road due to our sappers having to clear the 15 miles of road of mines. It was a great place to visit as well. They had never heard of American Express.

So I read a book and watch a football game or two and see that the referees seem to be on the take as well. NBC, ABC and ESPN want certain teams to win and make their ratings rise. There is no justice anymore.

Global warming will win in the end. “Doomed we are,” said Sam Wise. (Lord of the Rings)

Charlie Loving

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