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Iraq gov’t in crisis after staff abducted, tortured
by Jay Deshmukh Thu Nov 16, 9:29 AM ET


[Higher Education Minister Abed Dhiab] al-Ujaili, a Sunni Arab member of the Shiite-led unity government, … said he was stepping down from the government until the government secures the release of all hostages and takes action against militias suspected of carrying out kidnappings.

“Those who were set free told us that a few of the hostages have been killed, while most of them were tortured,” he told AFP.

“I’m very much concerned about their welfare,” he said of the remaining hostages.

Ujaili said effective action was needed against the militias before he could resume his ministerial duties.

“I’m stepping down until something has been taken actively, there’s not just talking,” the minister told the BBC. “The police force should be investigated and should put the right people in the right place.”

When asked if he felt there was currently no effective government in Iraq, the minister replied: “That’s right, I feel, yeah, there is no effective government.”

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