Bring Out the Dogs – 15 February

Come as a Dog! Dress as a Dog!

Movement for a Democratic Society/Austin invites you to


A Street Theater Event

“Honoring” Sen. John (Corn Dog) Cornyn

“Lap Dog to the President”

5-6:30 pm, Friday, Feb. 15

On the street outside Senator John Cornyn’s Chase Tower office

221 W. Sixth St (between Colorado and Lavaca)

MDS Austin is sponsoring a uniquely Austin-weird opportunity for citizens to express their disgust with U.S. Senator John Cornyn, whose tail-wagging support for the administration’s Middle East failures and dogged defense of President Bush’s veto of affordable health care to millions of needy children has helped to propel him to an approval rating lower than a weenie dog. “Corn Dog” – Bush’s own nickname for Texas’ junior senator! – is the president’s ever-obedient lap dog.

This will not be just a demonstration: it will be spectacle! We are inviting progressive groups to develop — through canine-related costume, music, and street theater — their own distinctive messages about Cornyn’s flea-bitten record. We are asking people to bring their dogs and/or to come costumed as dogs. It will be lively and colorful, but the message will be as serious as a riled-up pit bull:

Curb John Cornyn!

The event is scheduled to correspond with the Iraq Moratorium’s monthly “third Friday” demonstrations against the Iraq occupation and will be widely publicized through print materials and the media. We will distribute information about Cornyn, his politics, and his role as first puppy, and we believe that the theatrical nature of the occasion will provide instant communication of our message.

This will not be a campaign activity supporting any candidate, but is designed to shine a spotlight on George Bush’s ever-faithful pet senator.

The event is being organized by Austin’s chapter of Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS Austin), a multi-issue progressive organization, and others.


Thorne Dreyer

Jim Retherford

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