Internet Cable Fiasco

Read how the MSM frames this report: “are terrorists involved”? This perpetuates the fear-mongering of BushCo and is counterproductive. Besides, the most likely “terrorists involved” are the CIA and the US military, in preparation for action against Iran. This conjecture is supported by statistics (as of 6 am PDT, 8 Feb. 2008) suggesting that Iran is the only nation impacted.

Richard Jehn

Mid-East Cable Cuts Now Affecting 85-Million — Are Terrorists Involved?
Posted Feb 7th 2008 10:12AM by Tim Stevens

Over the past few weeks, numerous undersea data cables providing data access to large portions over the Middle East have been severed. Five separate cable cuts have been detected since January 23, a rash of incidents that some have blamed on wayward fishing trawlers, while others are suspecting terrorism. Regardless of the cause, the scope of the damage is just now becoming known, with 85-million users said to be currently unable to connect to the Internet.

The outages are primarily impacting people from Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and India, countries that rely on the undersea cables for their connectivity to the rest of the world. Repairs are ongoing right now, but it’s unclear just how long they’ll take or when the region will be back online. And, since the cause of the cuts is still unknown, there’s no guarantee that once they’re fixed, it won’t just happen again.


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