Calling All Instruments

Million Musicians March, March 17, 2007, Austin, Texas

MUSICIANS, EVERYONE: help amplify the call for peace from Austin, Texas!

Saturday, March 15th, 2008.
Noon Rally at State Capitol
1 pm — March to City Hall
1:30-4:00 Concert & Speakers
Come One Come All

Everyone Can Be An Instrument For Peace!

“Using music to unite people who are against the war is perfect! Music was a great escape for my son when he served in Iraq. Make some noise, have some fun, let the troops know you support them, and let’s bring them home now!” — Gold Star Mom Karen Meredith, mother of Lt. Ken Ballard, killed in Iraq.

“Hello dearest friends. Greetings to all. This is beautiful and efficient work you are doing. I will be marching with you in thoughts. Thank you with all my heart on behalf of my son, and on behalf of our children, our troops. Thank you for wanting to BRING THEM HOME NOW.” —Gold Star Mom Nadia McCaffrey, mother of Sgt. Patrick McCaffrey, killed in Iraq.

“Mom, I don’t know why we are here. We are not rebuilding anything.We are not helping anyone. We shouldn’t be here.” — Sgt. Patrick McCaffrey. (In a June 16, 2004 email to his mother, sixdays before he was killed in Iraq.)

NOW ENLISTING: Marching Musicians of all kinds! Drum Groups! Fife/Drum/Flag trio(s)! Molly Ivins Pots and Pans Brigades! Church choirs! More Flags! Bagpipes, ukes, mandolins, accordions, guitars, fiddles, kazoos! Bring your band….or join another! You name it! Support the troops. Support the innocent civilians. Support the majority for peace. Have fun and show the world you still care. If you want to march, endorse, or volunteer, please register at Marching band charts are on the website, here.

Or just show up and play your heart out! Together we can keep peace alive in local and national public dialogue. Join us Saturday, March 15th…in Austin, Texas.

Instruments For Peace

Richard Bowden / The Rag Blog

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