Concentrated Salad on Foodie Friday – J. Gilles

Bearing in mind that our food supply, coming now from giant megacorporations far away, grown on poor soils, does not have the same nutrient content (see here) as it did when we were growing up, in fact far less, ways must be developed to eat more veggies.

Human vitamins and minerals must all come from food, synthetic are useless.

Hence, concentrated salad:

Take a large bunch of spinach or any other fresh tender greens.

Say you have enough for a generous salad for six people.

Wash well, and dry. (Do not buy prepackaged prewashed greens in plastic bags, which are then the perfect medium for bad organisms to grow.)

  1. CUT In a large wooden salad bowl, carefully wad up the greens into a ball, like a head of cabbage. Slice vertically, as finely as possible. Your pile of greens is now half the size it was. Do it a couple more times. Half again as large. Presto now salad for two!!! You are eating three times the greens in your salad!!!
  2. ADD LEMON Squeeze a whole lemon into the greens and mix well.
  3. ADD GARLIC OLIVE OIL Keep a little jar handy with fresh garlic cut up in the best olive oil you can find. Raw cold pressed virgin and delicious. Put in a tablespoon or two per person. Eat the old garlic and replace with fresh oil and garlic every few days.
  4. ADD Braggs’ Aminos or parmesan cheese, or whatever type of salt you choose to use.
  5. TOSS AND SERVE this will be a great accompaniment on the same plate with almost any meal. Lasagna, roast, tuna sandwich, whatever. Or make it the meal by adding toasted sunflower seeds or other nuts and a grain such as rice. Grilled onions make a wonderful addition to any salad.

Janet Gilles

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